The Bosses Blog: General Dynamics Aerospace Rail and Engineering Corporation

The history of General Dynamics, the American Theocratic Giant is long and extensive.

General Motors, General Electric and many brands in Industry have counted on the expertise and reliability of General Dynamics´team of expert engineers for years.

General Dynamics has produced solutions for the boat, plane, car and appliance industry now for almost 100 years and is now a highly reputable company clean and free of any former mason murderer that ever tried to control it fully.

Amidst the  Mason Holocaust, General Dynamics gave many solid and honest hardworking Americans a feeling of pride that they still retain.

Australians as well love their General Dynamics and together in all our Factories we rest assured of our companies future and job security is no longer a concern as many people so well know.

False scandals and lies may lower foreign and domestic opinion for a short while, but nothing like the liberating truth that always liberates society is that we no longer make weapons of mass destruction.  

Nor are we at war with the world or afraid of our fellow brothers and sisters in Russia, China or even the Middle East.

All things aside,  I thank my employees for their support at our Facebook account,  in the media and for fighting the conspiracy of lies along with me.

The future looks bright at all our companies but never more brighter than at General Dynamics who has had to respond to the terror and attacks by a former US military and their Allianz ties gone out of control and former masons no longer with the living.

Despite all and being the defacto King of all Kings and Queens of the world and of Espiritu Santo, I shall never let go General Dynamics or sell it.   Until my death, I shall own General Dynamics and use it for the benefit of the world and make sure no dead mexican or american president or even dead cuban dictator or false or real pope is at its head.

No one ever knows what may happen and when it comes to conspiracy of lies I am ready for anything,   All the public needs to do is see the bosses blog of General Dynmics and know who that the son of God is still at its helm preaching world peace to make them feel comfortable.

In the end of my ownership of General Dynamics  in 70 years or so,  I will put it in God’s hands in my own way.  It will remain an American Theocratic Giant and under the ownership of good people in partnership with God´s Holy Spirit who will follow in my example of providing as many careers and jobs as possible and never lay off anyone and going forward and never looking back.

Have a Good Afternoon

General Dynamics Owner

Jose Maria Chavira owner of General Dynmics

Votre Altesse Prince Jose Maria Chavira  M.S.  Adagio I –  Full Divine Name JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V  PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS NOME DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT

The Coat of Arms of Votre Altesse Prince Jose Maria Chavira MS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT

The Completeness of God