Updated January 26 2016 – The Bosses Blog 9/11 2015 Public Safety Alert News about the conspiracy of lies

Jose Maria Chavira owner of General Dynmics
His Royal Highness Prince Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st owner of General Dynamics CDL  C0424787 Social Security Number 547-53-2576 Head of Global Defense Address 1242 S. Marine Street Santa Ana California. The Theocratic Voting Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America.

Prologue Before the Main Headline News

Good Morning – Good Afternoon – Good Evening – Good Rotation of the Earth.

To my employees at General Dynamics and around world I am delighted that we have all around the world found our peace with each other and especially with my owning of General Dynamics one of many companies around the world  that I own that used to make weapons of mass destruction and contribute to the former mason military war machine that has nothing to do with each of your Theocracies that by signs wonders and miracles have been autonomously established in each of your nations.

Like my company McDonald Douglas,  Hughes Aerospace and all former American weapons of mass destruction companies, I remind the public that we in all parts of the world no longer make weapons of mass destruction.

I remind everyone that this blog is right now the center of your Universe and the focus of everyone’s attention or will be when people get a chance to read or listen to these words as all the words I write the Holy Spirit wishes you to read, listen to or both sometimes more than once.  It’s a tradition, especially during times of judgment.

I remind everyone, the former mason war machine and their mason admiralty and their mason industrialists  and leadership and those  responsible for your reputations as citizens each in your own Theocracy around the world are dead, very-dead, and the dead tell no tales and the dead write no poems.

The Dead go not fishing nor to rugby games to look self-important or participate in politics or world affairs nor do they win peace prizes or awards.

The dead do not drive cars nor make speeches.  The dead do not pass bills or charge the hills like Teddy Roosevelt once did when he was the Rough Rider of historical lore attacking San Juan Hill once more.

But today even Teddy can do anyone harm.  He has gone on to that big farm in the Sky.  To return when and who knows why?  But as Teddy he can you no harm, because he is dead and the dead can make nothing come true and cannot not – even if they tried to –  such as try their hardest to kill a ewe (female lamb) or even a ram.

Because the Dead who walk are like the dead that worship those who cannot.

This makes the walking dead like souls that lack authority even to give instructions even to speak with any sort command as leader might.

This is because they are dead in their hearts already and selfish and easy to spot, unlike microdots that I can pin to their chairs even there hairs without them knowing it’s really a transmitter so those that once admired them can hear their foolishness  and their talk of anarchy that comes from their lips the lips of those that worship Idols from ships like the idol of war once worshipped by Admirals around the world while others worshipped Baal and Moloch and sometimes all three.

So I say to everyone once again the dead can do you no harm.  They can lift no gun, nor make you run.  They can tell you no lies because they are dead.  Not even the living can tool up to kill and should not even be thinking such things still. But fear not the dead because they are dead and not even a stick could they widdle.

Such are dead as useless as Horatio’s head.  And as harmless as dead corpse.   If you do not believe me?  Have you ever looked upon a dead person in a coffin?  or in a public newspaper?

If so could they wink? or even offer a  Blink?  I doubt they could muster a thought, or even dare to think.

And long since turned to ashes in the cremation chambers of mine,  I would readily challenge them as dead politicians to extradite the dead guy in the picture in a previous edition of a newspaper.

So you wonder of  my sarcasm and why I rage at the heathen?

It is necessary, because those that worship the dead make me worry, for by your lies you reveal that what you are.

Today people still lie to themselves and there are lies in their hearts and despite my clever pros and my truths and those who lie to the public are like and old man or woman waiting to die by the masses or one at a time by attacking the public with lies each in their own turn.

So they use a computer to lie to try to wash their hands clean and become unclean in the process like foul spirits waiting to be judged.

So repent before its to late and if your are not in corrections come to work for us at General Dynamics or any one of our aerospace – rail – aeronautics  – shipyards and technology engineering companies and do not worry about the dead, for dead can only rot in their graves if they are lucky.   And I guarantee you there are no Dead working in our companies the most important in the world.

They and our Security and Law Enforcement network are the most important companies in the world due to their nature and sensitivity not to forget who owns and runs them….me and the Holy Spirit and good angelic human souls who can proudly say, “I survived the mason holocaust.”

General Dynamics Aerospace Engineering and Rail Advanced Reaserch Offices Coupound Future Offices

FAQ’s What is an Autonomous Voting Theocratic Monarchy?

Autonomous Voting Theocratic Monarchies uphold laws of peace and laws that prohibit public sex, public nudity and conduct that could be considered violent or licentious anarchism during a peace rally or during everyday life. Freedom of expression when concerned to nudity and licentious behaviour is limited to the free internet and is also subject to the laws of each individual province located in each Theocracy that can even regulate the free internet in their province, county or municipality, Autonomous Voting Theocratic Monarchies are in direct opposition to those who support the return of murderous masonry, a murderous dictatorial government form of government who practice the Rite of Human Sacrifice under a one world government controlled through wizardry by homosexual and bisexual political religious high priests in suit and ties known as Masons, Freemasons and individual practitioners of Wizardry and the Dark Arts ad Crafts the working of iniquity. JCANGELCRAFT

Company Images General Dynamics - We care about our Children and about Our Future - Owner:COB Prince Adagio

Updated January 26 2016 – The Bosses Blog 9/11 2015 Public Safety Alert News about the conspiracy of lies.  These guys are still dead.

“News Headlines Bush Citizens Arrest before his execution for mass murder, many human sacrifices, for treason and his role in the trade center bombings et el. He fled to Canada where he was caught and extradited. The original Story erased and later tried to be reversed as a joke, but the picture is real and arresting officer requested his face concealed for fear of many mason assassins still wondering around at that time” JCANGELCRAFT

The Bosses Blog 9/11 Public  Safety Alert News  December 7 2015  CNN and MSN Prodigy still in play in the psychological warfare to ruin the minds of people worldwide.  GD General Dynamics Corporation is also known as GD and General Dynamics Aerospace Engineering and Rail. We are doing all we can all with CCBM  Crown Corporation Business and Media Group to help bring down conspiracy of lies.  Human cooperation is required however by the Holy Spirit during these troublesome times.

News Headlines Bush Citizens Arresto
“News Headlines Bush Citizens Arrest before his execution for mass murder, many human sacrifices, for treason and his role in the trade center bombings et el. He fled to Canada where he was caught and extradited. The original Story erased and later tried to be reversed as a joke, but the picture is real and arresting officer requested his face concealed for fear of many mason assassins still wondering around at that time” JCANGELCRAFT

Latest evidence is to the day hour minute and second this report is being written.

These two of our companies under siege in words only should be the first companies to correct their news.  You have to add political news in their presentation under “Noticias” for Mexico.   Then appear the CNN Logo and News about Obama.

Barrack Obama was arrested for treason mass murder and seria killing just like George Bush and Many world leaders
Barrack Obama was arrested for treason mass murder and serial killing just like George Bush and Many world Mason Male leaders, Many Followed in his place until anarchist were no longer able to make body doubles in their place and relied on old photographs.

This new kind of strategy serves no purpose other than to deceive people who news has gone away but makes one work to find it.  If they cannot  they think that things are getting done.

This travesty of our companies only makes us as their owners stronger in our resolve to justice the next generation or administrative people in charge of continuing on and picking up where others take over.

Evidence Exhibit C –  False News the evil your about to see if you want to confirm is news report that makes these men fighters of Justice and administrators instead of the criminals that were executed for their crimes in 2011 and 2012 for their crimes against the International community for  Murder, Mass Murder, Ritual Murder and Genocide.

The   total of their crimes when masons were alive are in agreement with the previous charges and all masons are responsable for them even if they only committed several murderers, participated in multiple ritual murderers, or were serious serial killers .

Now non masons are being charged with these crimes as accomplices to all crimes committed by the old order of mason.  Eternity’s Quill Tribe for a partial list of crimes that people  are charged  for supporting the conspiracy of lies. http://eternitysquill.wordpress.com/word-human-animal-rights-and-enviornmental-tibunal/

Evidence Exhibit C conspiracy of lies News

http://prodigy.msn.com/es-mx/noticias/otras/pe%c3%b1a-anuncia-iniciativa-para-transformar-la-justicia-laboral/ar-AAg2spI?ocid=SMSDHP – This evidence is recorded in our CCBM satellites

Refusing to take down or using an automated computer program to run them  forces us to assign blame the latest set of anarchists and agnostic atheistic people and place into our system of justice,   No matter even of they try to keep certain writers and even themselves alive by leaving instructions knowing they are going to prison as anarchist, it only gets worse for them.


Those that take their place want us to forgive these murdering lying masons, accept their technology replacements or body doubles if they can muster one up  and bring everything the back, the killings the child trafficking, the all male homosexual religious politicians.   They have no money to bribe us with and each person involved to replace the people  who have been judged we take them at face value.  Some are in independents and with our companies who pass them passwords to enter into a system that they are not authorized to enter into.

Remember to Turn away from this kind of news when you see it anywhere in your world or the equivalent of it in your Theocracy and try not to let it bother you,  The Holy Spirit has everything under control for the judgment and restoration of this world.


Authorized by the Holy Spirit and written by Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira (ruling name) Adagio 1 (International Pen Name) JCANGELCRAFT

His Royal Highness Prince Jose Maria Chavira MS. Adagio 1 - Owner of General Dyanmics CDL C0424787- Social Security Number 547-53-2576 Head of Global Defense (1)
His Royal Highness Prince Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st owner of General Dynamics CDL0424787 Social Security Number 547-53-2576 Head of Global Defense Address 1242 S. Marine Street Santa Ana California. The Theocratic Voting Sovereignty and Monarchy of the United States of America.


(Nom Divin) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio  M.S. Al-Hussayny Aga Khan V PRIMOGENITVS FILVES DEI NOM DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT – the son of the Holy Spirit and the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, La Couronne Monde Château Versailles France y La Corona  de La Teocracía y Monarquía de Espíritu Santo


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