911 Special Advisory & Greetings

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September 11, 2017  G.DSpecial Advisory & Greetings from General Dynamics.   When we work together, we can accomplish great things such as the next generation of public transportation, amusement parks, planes, trains, automobiles and much more. Please enjoy our internship experience  video presentation.

September 11, 2001

Today marks another September 11, the day white supremacy gave us this great terror show with supposedly irrefutable evidence that Al-Quaeda exploded the world trade center’s towers.  This Al-Quaeda presentation and the logic that goes with it was not enough to convince God and so the men responsible for this were brought to justice by God.  The operations which took down the towers that day were to complex and required the work of demolition experts.  The trade center bombings took years of planning that required access to the towers during years that United States was on high alert because of the previous failed bombing at the World Trade Center.

The separation of church and state 

The separation of church and state is again upon us.  It has happened several times in history around the world.  For many years now people have been lied to by white supremacy freemasons and atheists as to what this statement means.

The separation of church and state is perhaps best defined as the separation of the state with the religion of freemasonry.  Freemasons worship many idols like moloch, do child and human sacrifices and have many unhealthy practices such as atheism.  This group once sponsored fraternal groups of men very much into occult practices, femnicide and atheism.  By the looks of mass media, their influence is still with us.

This next part may come as a shock to some employees not familiar with my work.   Freemasonry has many definitions that work to try to save it.  However, Freemasonry was an International organization of secret societies whose political leaders at the very top  were  their own form of government  and religion who supervised and ran world affairs while worshipping moloch and practicing a strange kind of atheism given to practices of the occult.  These men used to govern by the values of white supremacy whose system of the occult and atheism was responsible for the murder of millions of children, women and men since the end of World War II.   The greatest threat to our world next to state sponsored white supremacy communism was freemasony.  These two combined their white supremacy systems and because of this the help of God’s Holy Spirit is needed and we are getting lots of help.  The “big name freemason and communist atheist ” leaders men and people responsible for this secret white supremacy attack on the United States, Mexico and nations around the world are gone. Daily more of their members and the people who knowingly help them get brought to justice.  

To much white supremacy and occult undermining of the United States, Mexico and the nations still prevails in the mass media.  So if this style of white supremacy news is still in the mass media for every nation we still have problems and so we should remain in a state of prayer while the processes of God’s Justice look to deliver us once again.  Though daily life is very normal by appearences, the processes of the Justice have been in effect now for more than 6 years telling me God’s Holy Spirit gives people a chance to repent and change their ways.  We are at a Level 7 state of emergency. Read more at Ius Humanum.

Contracting with General Dynamics

Talking about contracts. There is no acceptable concept that uses General Dynamics, the Government or any company, charity or organization to prosper white supremacy who has worked to weaken the United States, Mexico and many countries even their own. They are a leaderless system  right now and a very dangerous group which is why we still need God’s help and so it is good to pray.

International Business

As everyone knows General Dyanmics is an International company and of course there is something to say about new alliances under the authority of the World Crown.  It is good to work with each other and depend on each other only now God’s Holy Spirit is at the top and moloch and its white supremacy system of murder and mass murder is brought again to justice by the Judgment of God.   Now we will exchange atheism and freemason white supremacy central control and supervision over world affairs for supervision by the World Crown one world under God’s Holy Spírit.

Social media, websites and Internet

Remember that besides cable and television, social media, websites and the Internet are used  against you by international white supremacy terrorists to pretend nothing has happened to their leaders. Men like Barrack Obama, Donald Trump and Vladmir Putnam among many others have been brought to justice. I have created an emergency blog for the Justice Department and have taken over Interpol using a new emergency website to make this justice more visible to the public.  See  Interpol the Office of the Director of Intelligence for more information. 

In all things I want you not to worry and to let you know that God is with us and will complete the justice we need to get over this problem with mass media political news and general information.

Thank you and have nice day.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

The Desk of Jose Maria Chavira MS General Dynamics Aerospace, Rail & Engineering  2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 100, Falls Church, Virginia 22042-4513 with the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit