Amtrak and General Dynamics are working together to upgrade our public transportation

Virginia Jan 22, 2018 – Amtrak and General Dynamics are working together to  upgrade our public transportation and national railway with private funds.  This is a continual task and part of the every day affairs of providence that govern our economy.

In reading todays godless international mason organized crime news in various categories attempting to interpret the work of God and taking the credit for the good God does, it is important for me to let citizens know that the whole mason game is over.

All mason news and international organized crime news attempting to award billion dollar contacts to their members is false and Amtrak news on the Internet or in other venues is only a small part of lies told by supporters of a president and masons who were arrested in 2011 and brought up on charges of murder in every degree, mass murder, genocide, child and human trafficking, ritual murder, drug trafficking et al…

I have to write like this because we are still in a POTUS Donald Trump media holocaust and emergency around the world.

In every country masons kept poor areas states and regions filled with people and did not as a whole of men desire to find solutions for.  Therefore investing in the states kept poor by masonry is as important as keeping our national railways safe and maintenanced with new technology upgrades and cosmetics that do not cost a lot of money and also making travel by rail more safer, affordable and enticing.

I traveled the country by rail coast to coast more than once, upwards backwards, forwards and upside down and like national buses lines and service we have also worked painstakingly hard on making public transportation better, more affordable, more friendly and more comfortable.

The next-generation high-speed train sounds more fancy than what it will actually cost.  Upgraded will be the equipment used to provide Amtrak’s premium Acela Express service and all our trains including the Northwest corridor are constantly evaluated and reviewed and maintenanced.

As citizens try and pay no mind to numbers or the  money and contracts you  read about in the news that to me only have meaning in the private areas of finance that have nothing to do with congress or Taxes and if you get lied to and shown documentation and a conspiracy starts to prove me liar just wait it out and avoid the news all together and trust God has everything under control.

I have been at this now for more than 7 years.  Everything masons and secret societies do today to discredit me bears no conscience on their mason crimes and the countless of mason murders they have committed or their mason lies used to descedit other good americans and people not given to masonry people who like myself oppose and fight masonry at every turn so you can remain living in freedom.

I can assure you masons are not getting rich by contracts through our new administration or myself in private industry no matter what they manage to write or get written inside our companies websites.

To me ”billion dollar contract news” does not make the magical thinking of masonry true.  In fact I have a deep disdain for this kind of news that inundates the news and somehow a mason always ends up the loser or hero of a story involving large sums of money and government contracts that do not exist.

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is part of a multifaceted modernization program to renew and expand the Acela Express service, but entire country is important specially my states that have been assaulted by masonry more than others,

At General Dynamics Aerospace Rail Engineering Corporation of which Amtrak is great part of we are taking the necessary actions to keep our economy moving with jobs and training in Aerospace, Rail and Engineering an ever growing job sector.

All kinds of fun things are at work at Amtrak and general Dynamic involving boats, trains plains and electronics and together with technology that is going to drive our futures.  At GD we are very resourceful not compromising safety  to provide people with the mobility, comfort and safety in a very money conscience and wise move toward our collective futures.

Wi-Fi access, personal outlets, USB ports and adjustable reading lights at every seat together with enhanced food service and a smoother, more reliable ride is a standard at Amtrak. Improved comfort and continually making things better is our mission at General Dynamics Aerospace Rail and Engineering.

The Acela Express service is as popular as ever, with many trains selling out during peak travel periods.

The upgrades to the Amtrak system our national railway will allow for increased service including half-hourly Acela Expressservice between Washington D.C. and New York City during peak hours, and hourly service between New York City and Boston.

The Acela Express is only a name and we may change it to the Amtrak Express with a special designation.

As more people rely on Amtrak, maintenance and modernization become even more important to assuring the quality and safety of our transportation systems that meet the highest standards possible for our field of transportation in the United States, one of best, most affordable and cost-effective in the world.

By God’s grace, a God’s finance God’s mercy and God’s oversight at General Dynamics Aerospace Rail and Engineering has seen fit to help to finance Amtrak in our continuing effort to make safe the infrastructure of our national railway for all states.  And when you see things like FRA’s Railroad Rehabilitation & Improvement Financing program you know that God is behind these kind of things and only God could resurrect and rehabilitate such projects of enormous capacity using the labor force of millions and now private funds used for the benefit and welfare of all Americans and our national transportation infrastructure.

Amtrak is the beneficiary of finance and money received from God’s Holy Spirit,  the one Nation under God ”Holy Spirit” through myself and then there is congress that – if it existed as the news wishes to make you think –  has nothing to do it.

About Amtrak®

Amtrak – America’s Railroad® – is dedicated to safe and reliable mobility as the nation’s intercity passenger rail service provider and its high-speed rail operator. With our state and commuter partners, we move people, the economy and the nation forward, carrying more than 30 million Amtrak passengers for each of the past five years. Formally known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.  Amtrak operates more than 300 trains daily – at the safe railway speeds of  up 150 mph (241 kph) – connecting more than 500 destinations in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian Provinces. Learn more at or call 800-USA-RAIL for schedules, fares and other information.

In all apologies to my Amtrak employees things are not as is written in todays godless news where nothing but men seem to be the godless masters of our future, a future  which will be determined by us through kind acts and the grace of providence who gives us justice daily.

H.R.H. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft – World Crown. Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America and owner of General Dynamics by Gods good graces mercy and providence.

September 11 2017 Virginia From communications systems for soldiers, to satellite payloads for NASA, General Dynamics Mission Systems employees create technology for the most advanced, mission-critical systems that make an impact. Learn how you can join them in making a difference

Special Greetings from General Dynamics We are at a Level 7 state of Emergency. Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media. All nations are advised to maintain a level 7 state of preparedness .

General Dynamics NASSCO @ the Bosses Blog


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