COB – July 17 2014 Staff Biography Notes: A glimpse into the life of the Owner of General Dynamics the Founder of Angelcraft Crown Incorporated

™General Dynamics Incorporated.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit - Aerospace and Aviation - Eurocopter photograph courtesy of

July 17 2014 Staff  Biography Notes:  A glimpse into the life of the Owner of General Dynamics the Founder of Angelcraft Crown Incorporated  by the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit

Avionics: Weapons Operational Remote Programs and strategy games.

One of my most favorite movies as a young man was War Game’s and Buehler Day Off.  In hindsight I see the metaphor of Buehler’s day Off that Royal must take time to have some fun once in a while.

In hindsight of my life, my frustration os a Boy was wanting my own Father early in my youth.  God kept me busy making Balsa wood planes, every kind of paper plane that you can imagine and some of my glider designs stayed in the air in a controlled environment for a good minute or so.


Some looked like fighter jets and others more stealthy.  The stealth ones glided longer and did loop the loops and could be modified to flying in spiral circular patterns.

I remember watching them as they hit very small pockets of air some times consecutively and very little wind was inside my rectangular apartment complex.

I made what looked like an F-111 Aardvark but with wings in retraction and experimented  with flaps on the tales and the wings to extend the flight and control their flight patterns .     

I usually worked alone and when I could afford it I would buy a Balsa Wood airplane kit before getting into the aerodynamics of Kite Flying and had dog fights with my friends by running into each other’s kites untill one was destroyed without crossing our navigational controls.

Because of the Limitations and problems with tension and the strength capacity of Kite strings, I lost a lot of kites in high winds.

I then pushed the Limits and put roles of kite strings together never thinking about using 100 pound fishing line.     

But I succeed once or twice flying my Kite so high I lost sight of it, but the tension confirmed that It had not broken off yet.  I kept going untill the line did break.

These are just some of my experiences with flight other than my occasional fourth of July Sky Rockets that after a while became illegal.

As a very young boy Ernie Acosta my Mother’s First Husband took me to Hobby airports close to the Airport of Van Nuys where I experienced watching men with their remote controls flying model planes and helicopters that inspired me to buy my first Whirly-Bird Kit.

Later I became enamored with a model called the Blackhawk the Ultimate remote control electronic model airplane that I could never afford.

As a child I had many dreams of flying and of flight and God’s Holy Spirit used many good men to intervene in my life knowing what I needed and my Mom using the Newspaper and me copying down words and articles verbatim then reading out loud filled my need for parental development.

As a young man, I was loaned an old 60’s Univac children’s punch card computer by an old man who also taught me how to pitch a baseball.  I hated giving the computer back, but he said he was going to give it to his own grandchildren as a present.

I do not remember if this was before or after I made my first A.M. radio using a heath kit without any assistance but was before I became a Junior Locksmith.    

Aside from my interest in Boxing and Martial Arts training on my own, with my friends and new Father Pablo Sarabia who besides Venturing in Real estate . was a great electrician and handyman a second degree Black Belt who inspired me to entering martial arts school.

 I was very much into creating new games and spent some summer days in my stepfather Pablo Sarabia’s Television repair shop as he worked with old Cathode Ray Tube Televisions and with 60/70’s  generation circuit boards paying close attention to his use of soldering equipment and used a solder gun a young age.

I was introduced to Tic Tac Toe and played Tic Tac toe with my mother at an early Age and after a while I grew bored with it.

Tic-Tac-Toe was used by early government computers to program competitive systems to compete against each other.  They may or may not confirm that.

Strategy games were very important to all computer development because it makes sense when making a war computer that simulates a full-scale war on land or sea strategy must be programmed to see the outcome of the war and the better your espionage the better you can program you war computer.

In the local arcade where I lived as a young boy they had the best military video games such as tank simulators in three dimensions, and one man army equipped with a gun hand grenades and had to go through hell just to commandeer a Tank.

There were missile games and other tank games where I learned as chid how to arch your cannon for greater range without moving your tank to close to your enemy until your enemy had your range.

Global Thermonuclear war was important for the Governments of the World so they could create winning strategies to ensure their countries suffered the least damage.

The only winning strategies was to stockpile warheads using moving launchers and even breaking through the ice in any part of the north using many subs to simultaneously launch warheads that still could be intercepted, but if only 40 of your 150 nuclear warheads get through long-term radiation damage is inevitable.

The Russians more than the United States came up with making the United States read their “False Target” they used and frequently moved hollow empty shells knowing satellites would confirm their movements and once they were in a fixed position, would lock Intercept Missiles assuming arch ranges were the same.

False reads could also be made to look like a full-scale nuclear attack once two governments hacked into the war computers of each other to see if they could provoke a launch to practice an intercept as opposed to launching a missile at Moscow.

Knowing the Dangers of a Nuclear War, all strategy games and random programing using every possible scenario scientist could program until they developed a GPS computer and the Computer assessed all possibilities from all missile launching stations around the world many of which were clocked underground and every probability it could possibly imagine. and even human error that might change the whole matrix of the war game.

But the best was yet to come.  Nuclear Subs and Missiles with wings the Launched thousands of feet in the air to be spotted by radar only to dive down below a 500 foot hard deck became a war logistic problem for many countries.

These drop down missiles would turn off their thrusters and because of the weight of their war heads they were pulled down into a dive and at about five hundred feet the thrusters were turned on and they glided at 200 feet above sea level and though still detectable by satellite, traveled so fast and can could change course at any time that they posed a challenge for satellite tracking systems and some even could go underwater if an enemy nuclear sub was detected.

Now imagine thousands of these inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles  (ICBM’s) and Nuclear Rockets that cost tax payers hundreds of trillions of dollars to finance and countries not divulging to each other the totality of their nuclear arms.

This created a nuclear arms race.

Then came the stealth fighter that could carry a nuclear warhead.

Unseen,  it still left a heat trace in the atmosphere and that thermal satellite could read that a stealth fighter was in the air.          

The scariest of all nuclear technology was the Neutrino radiation cannon and Bomb.

Its purpose:  Keep the infrastructure and kill the people.  God’s Holy Spirit protected us from these that along with Biological terrorism  were made and intended to creating an all white race world.

I find it funny that the Government used tic-tac-toe in the movie war games as it was based on the assumption that having two sides equally matched one could win.

I created a much more complex version of the game with the Help of the Holy Spirit that could go on forever and the more complex it got the more possibilities to create a game that could be used to win such a war.

But more simply – so you can understand the game– I will us a 12/12 pattern as a reference.  A 12/12 Pattern is  12 squares crossing 12 squares there are many ways to win and the more squares you have the more your competitor has to think about.

The way you win in a 12/12 Pattern or even a 1675/777 pattern is to close out the pattern diagonally, vertically, or horizontally by a figurative 9/10ths ratio, but to win your X’s or O’s must dominate the pattern and be the last to close out the pattern.  

And even in giant 10000/7976 pattern you can in any corner of the Board win a simple three diagonal pattern like Tic Tac toe if your opponent fails to see your simple strategic postioning of  an X or an O in the only for corners that exists on any pattern where three diagonal pattern exists.

The secret to winning in any pattern is to set up at many center patterns all over the board without letting your opponent think their patterns are unnoticed and blocking their patterns before they take form.  An outstanding player gives honor to their opponent of defining the pattern.   

You can go into the Millions, and even Trillions of Squares with offset patterns for randomness.   

After being rejected by the Air-force at age 17 shortly after my speed reading lab results gave me the confidence to apply.  I applied at the Police station for a job specially as an undercover giving them instructions as to how to do it.

Meanwhile the clocks in my head were still turning and now trained in high speed driving at the age of 16 and a competent in self defense and how to play a wise guy I stuck large numbers on my 280 ZX knowing helicopters would follow me and to my friends they did not read into it.

At 21 when I was the boyfriend of Tina Araujo her Father a Lawyer and Partner at Araujo and Demarco of Orange County at the time who was a former Green Beret special Forces and CIA operative most likely because he was associated with drug Trafficking, Native Lopez and Mexican Mafia — must have given up my idea new version of Dynamic Tic Tac Toe with Multiple variations to the government.

™Holy Spirit Pattern Chess © all rights reserved
This is a sample of ™Holy Spirit Pattern Chess © all rights reserved the game I invented when I was young man. You can play it uniformly such as a 12/12 pattern or an unequivocal pattern of setting the playing board to 777 vertical lines and 643 Horizontal Lines

Not long after sharing and playing the game with the Tina and Sheila it came up on the computer they had in a 12-12 pattern and the website called it Viking Chess and it operated on the same exact principles and rules of winning that I engineered and after beating the computer I never saw it again and I have been looking for it ever since.    

In tic-tac-toe two evenly matched opponents will have cats games until they tire.  I however found a way to create a way to win the game of Global Thermonuclear War if Department of Defense knew who to program my strategy and reverse engineer the game to their advantage, but the Holy Spirit would not Allow it as there is no truth in international sharing of arms and even if there was…. in war nobody wins.

Prince Adagio the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God
General Dynamics COB Prince Adagio

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit –

™ General Dynamics Incorporated.yv In partnership with the Holy Spirit -Nautical Division - Double Hull Crude Oil Tanker Simulator


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