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From communications systems for soldiers, to satellite payloads for NASA, General Dynamics Mission Systems employees create technology for the most advanced, mission-critical systems that make an impact. Learn how you can join them in making a difference

Special Greetings from General dynamics We are at a Level 6 state of Emergency. Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media. All nations are advised to maintain a level 6 state of preparedness .

Owning a company like General dynamics requires much feeling and a sense of responsibility for human life. Preceding me are many admirals generals and civilians who once headed the company and like myself always having in mind the protection of the nation and the world especially from white supremacy.

My thoughts on GD like all companies that used to make weapons of mass destruction and if needed can tool up at anytime with God’s permission. however, are peacetime operations always a goal and always my main concern.

Employment, alternative Industries and how can we use these type of companies to stimulate a nation’s drive to greater goals while providing jobs is a priority for me worldwide and using these same companies formally dedicated in part to war, to overhaul this world’s infrastructure while creating alternative industries for all sectors is a standard everyday goal.

Areas related to manufacturing, assembly and mechanical engineering to keep workers employed. Being able to provide technical Jobs always and jobs in general assembly employment, and jobs in all sectors is vital to a nations well-being and my primary concern at all times.


Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st M.S. Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de Plume JC Angelcraft Commander of Allied Forces Special Warfare Command and Owner of General Dynamics and all Subsidiaries

Corporate Headquarters. #General_Dynamics_Corporation ; 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 100; Falls Church, Virginia 22042-4513; Main Number: (703) 876-3000 Our websites –

GD General Dynamics Aerospace Rail & Engineering (General Dynamics the Bosses Blog)

GD General Dynamics

GD General Dynamics Careers

GD General Dynamics Mission Systems Our Mission: Discover new ways to rapidly deliver a full spectrum of mission critical solutions by partnering with our customers, teammates, suppliers and communities.

GD General Dynamics Information Technology & Bing Bing Books 3211 Jermantown Road Fairfax, Va 22030 (703) 995-8700

GEOINT Solutions Marketplace (GSM) is an open and inclusive
online exchange to enable the community of users and solution providers to connect, collaborate and enhance the GEOINT mission. It is a repository for information about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) mission, vision and strategy, user’s needs and challenges, GEOINT solutions, industry capabilities and trends and R&D. It is an interactive environment for the NGA and industry to gather new ideas, increase interaction, and collaborate on new technologies.

GD General Dynamics Satcom Technologies Welcome to General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, a leading supplier of satellite and wireless communications products and services for video, voice and data worldwide. SATCOM Technologies offers an exciting range of new communications products and solutions backed by the same high quality and expertise you’ve come to rely on.

A stable future with the help of God's Holy Spirit

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