For Students Aerodynamics

™JET AVIATION.yv a  ™General Dynamic's Company.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit © all rights reserved Leer Jet 1
Aerodynamic studies are a critical part of airplane and all vehicles designed to travel in the three mediums
  • Water
  • Air
  • Space
Aerodynamics is as important for domestic and research submergibles as its for above water vessles even Petroleum boats
™General Dynmics Incorporated.yv Modern Oil Tanker Hellespont Metropolis
Aerodynamics is a key aspect in the design of rockets, automobiles, recreational vehicles, rockets, space shuttles, or airplanes be they jumbo commercial airliners, leer Jets, small aircraft or space shuttles.

Aerodynamic design is about efficiency, speed, maneuverability, range and acoustics.

Simulator programs and Pattern Logistics are effective at predicting the aerodynamic characteristics of any vehicle

Application areas within aerodynamics include the study of velocity (G-forces), sound (Wavelengths) and are applied to reserach in our research and development

  • Subsonic, Transonic, Hypersonic, Supersonic
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Avionics
  • Automotiv e design
  • Aircraft, Shuttle, Rocket launch/reentry vechile aerodynamics
  • High lift devices
  • Store/Stage separation
  • Aeroelasticity

Aerodynamics in Submarines are important as well.   Up to now Submarines have been mostly a Military Application.

This dual capicity ultra-luxury submarine and yacht is called the MIGALOO, it offers all the comforts of Luxury Yaht.

Choosing a yacht can be such a chore for wealthy folks. With almost too many to choose from, you might have an easier time picking your perfect submarine.

The MIGALOO is billed as “The Ultimate Lux Sub”. It offers upscale amenities like a pool and a large deck for relaxation.

Marketed as an alternative to luxury yachts, as expected, it offers the option to travel below the water’s surface.

Measuring over 375 feet long by 36 feet wide, the submarine is anything but small. It bears the appearance of a traditional submarine in most aspects but the tower is custom designed in order to house a staircase and elevator shaft.

The designers stated “The enormous space of the aft deck includes lounge areas, sun beds, a bar, an 8 by 3 meter-pool as well as a heli-pad that offer a wide range of activities and possibilities.

When MIGALOO is submerged, all furniture is stored in large storages underneath the granite decking.”   General Dynamics Marine Divsion will improve on this design for even more convenciance and less hassel

Former Sub Captains will now have chance to get their Civilian Marine Captains License that will qualify them to work in the private commercial, government research and tourism sectors.

™JET AVIATION.yv a  ™General Dynamic's Company.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit © all rights reservedDunglar

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