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The Bosses Blogs: Owner of General Dynamics to Speak Jose Maria Chavira M.S. to Speak at a top secret confrence

Angelcraft Crown Mars Miraculous Satelite Technology

February 12, 2016. (GD) General Dynamics © all rights reserved Son Altesse Royale Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

  1. Updated for March 3rd  2016 by the Owner of General Dynamics .  FALLS CHURCH, Va. – General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) Son Altesse Royal  Princess Jose Maria  Chavira  M.S.  Adagio 1st –The Owner of  General Dynamics Corporation —-  will speak at the General Dynamics State of the Art Presentation Facility  on a date not disclosed to the public.
  2. This seminar will be by special invite only do the severity of the miracles, signs, and wonders created around this project and americans who may want to destroy the meeting and attacking the facility that represents a heritage of technology starting with electric boat company.
  3. We are still having problems with that workers of iniquity who want destroy American Jobs, American Lives  and  Ruin American Hopes,
  4. General Dynamics  is very disappointed at these people who have no regard for anything good other than lying and stealing and giving a bad name to Americans and people that work at General Dynamics who deserve better.
  5. If it is not canceled,  due to matters of more pressing urgency  Jose Maria  Chavira MS, Owner of General Dynamics and his presentation team will go forward with this International Meeting all expenses paid to those invited to the show at a later date.
  6. This is a very serious presentation and not a family affair and top-secret clearance is required for your attendance.
  7.  Our integrity and  our committment to excellence in our peacetime surge towards greater accomplishments than ever is now rolling on all Cylinders in technology companies around the world whose heads will be invited as all technology companies are under the Crown and have been privatized.  Secrecy among space programs is still required.
  8. Building large state of the Art  Angelcraft Crown  aerospace multifunctional Automated space rovers that are equipped with state of the Art Geiger counters  and mechanical arms et al will be one of the things engineers and experts in physics and radiation on other planets such as mar will be the topic of discussion.
  9. This Old Fashion Instrument is Called a Geiger Counter it is a Radiation Instrument. for concerns about radiation please ask (eChoe)
  10. Angelcraft Crown  Aerospace multifunctional Automated space rovers all carry  state of the Art advanced Anti- Radiation and Anti-Corrosive metals integrated into Holy Spirit Sun implication solar panels capable of  quick multiple  F,C’ Fat Charges with top-secret electrical battery systems 20
  11. We also plan to send down Petro-Pumps on Wheels special oil drilling equipment for  ice cors  and on some of other models automated remote control by Petroleum search vehicles that may also have the capability of walking like grasshopper.

    Pumping Unit, Kilgore, Texas AOGHS 2005
    Pumping Unit, Kilgore, Texas AOGHS 2005
  12. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, General Dynamics is a global aerospace company.
  13. (GD) General Dynamics ™General Dynamics Aerospace Rail and Engineering Corporation.
  14. (GD) General Dynamics © all rights reserved Son Altesse Royale Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st in partnership with the Holy Spirit. https://generaldynamicsaerospacerailengineeringcorporation.wordpress.com/

General Dynamics Owner Son Altesse Royale Principe Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft in Partnership with the Holy Spirit

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