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The Bosses Blog: General Dynamics has another official Logo to add to its historical legacy

General Dynamics Corporaton.corpvs we make only good things and no weapons of mass destruction

We use both logos intermittently on our website so do not be alarmed thank you.


For information about payroll and benefits, visit our employee web page. For our retirees, please visit the General Dynamics benefits service center website at http://www.gdbenefits.com or contact


Out of respect for our employee’s personal privacy and security, we cannot provide information about specific individuals. This includes email addresses and telephone numbers. Thank you. Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Owner of General Dynamics.

Operators on Standby 24 Hours 7 days a week.


General Dynamics - Avionics-Hellen Ginger - Technical Careers

Business Contacts

Please refer to the list below to reach one of our business units.


500 Gulfstream Road
Savannah, GA 31408
United States
1-800-810-4853 (GULF)

Jet Aviation
Aeschengraben 6
4051 Basel
+41 58 158 4111
Tel (Aircraft Services): 201-288-8400
Tel (North America: Maintenance & Completions): 618-646-8000

Example - Mars Tank Rover and Instrument Research Vessel to drill ICE CORES in mars polar caps will look similar to this
Example – Mars Tank Rover and Instrument Research Vessel to drill ICE CORES in mars polar caps will look similar to this. It will also include many other capacities and will be controlled by integrated robots that can be programmed by our Engineers and specialist through out International Space program under the Auspices of God and Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation.

Aerospace Applied International Systems formerly our combat systems.

European Land Systems
3 Calle Vía de los Poblados
P.E. Cristalia – Edificio 7/8
28033 Madrid Madrid
+34 91 585 04 55

Land Systems for Lunar and Planetary Research and applications
38500 Mound Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
United States

Ordnance and Tactical Systems (Space Applications)
11399 16th Court North
St Petersburg, FL 33716
United States

™ General Dynamics Incorporated.yv In partnership with the Holy Spirit -Nautical Division - Double Hull Crude Oil Tanker Simulator


Information Technology
3211 Jermantown Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States

Mission Systems
12450 Fair Lakes Circle
Fairfax, VA 22033
United States
Toll Free (Non-U.S.): 877-466-9467


Marine Systems

Bath Iron Works and Appliance tooling and replacement parts
700 Washington Street
Bath, ME 04530
United States

Electric Boat
75 Eastern Point Road
Groton, CT 06340
United States

2798 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92113
United States
Corporate Contacts

General Dynamics Corporation
2941 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22042
United States

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™General Dynmics Incorporated.yv Modern Oil Tanker Hellespont Metropolis

Bosses Blog at General Dynamics -Avionics Electronic Boats, Petroleum Boats Communications General Electric and General Motors are our future – Prince Jose Maria Chavira Owner COB General Dynamics.

GD General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions

January 29th 2015 -General Dynamics – The Bosses Blog

I thank you for your inquiries into General Dynamics. We are on track to bettering technology and that affects your every day lives.In fact, principle, and in metaphor we operate around the world as the spirit of the living God at this time respects the future of all countries and so the creative, ingenuitive engineering spirit of God is at work in technology companies all over the world owned by my company the CCBM Crown Corporation and Media Group MC a Mega Conglomerate that owns corporations all over the world.

That means God and I help countries all over the world to create a peacetime economy that poses no threat to anyone’s sovereignty or Independence.

I will assure all countries especially the United States Theocracy of America that there are no plans to set any country over another and in all things between countries friendships and ties to the level of God’s Spirit feels are appropriate.

No one has to worry about an arms race or weapons of mass destruction being made or accumulated by any one nation.

Home technology, cars rail, aerospace and products for communications and all things that involve a countries own personal security and my concern for the personal security of China and every other country is exactly the same.

I am the King of this World and Lord of all Royals so I must be sovereign and fair to all countries.  I have palatial residential estates in all 252 nations then some.

Cordially Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Owner and Chairman of General Dynamics


Authorized by God’s Holy Spirit and article written by Príncipe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio I – (Full Divine Name) JVAGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Príncipe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS NOME DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT COB and the New Owner of General Dynamics – General Dynamics Aerospace Rail and Engineering Corporation in partnership with God’s Holy Spirit

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