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The Bosses Blog: General Dynamics Engineers and Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Engineers some of best in the World

General Dynamics Office Compound in New London
General Dynamics Office Compound in New London

The Bosses Blog: General Dynamics Engineers and Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Engineers some of best in the World.

In secret meetings in boardrooms hard to imagine our futures are being forged and what an exciting future we as royal citizens of this planet have to look forward to.

For people who thought the submarine ride was fun, New Oceanside Disney parks are in the planing and mergers with existing water parks the world a done deal, but those are different boardrooms.

Before sending people out into outer space as civilians on a normal bases, it is important for our genetics to accustom ourselves to deep-sea excursions little by little and experience what many children boys and girls in the past only dreamed of.

Delux below and above the surface submarines without weapons in each nation for tourist travel is our goal.

Lets look at the video below enhanced and grown to about twice the size and made more commercial like a deep-sea underwater cruiser.

For astronauts pilots and students headed for  the coast guard in each nation, deep submersibles later to be useful for civilian populations are also in the planning.

Though the pressures of deep-sea excursions even light under water excursion are far different from pressures of space travel that would be no gravity and dealing psychological pressures not to mention the fears that might set in when in space or new phobias that may occur as a result of space trauma for a person who thought they were well prepared are the challenges we need to talk over with what already know is required for deep space travel even if it is to an orbiting Star 7 satellite Angelcraft Space resort –after our Factory in Space is built—that orbits the earth.

So whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you will get to experience and sooner or later enjoy our a Star 7 Angelcraft Space resort that will also be functional communications satellite for practical reasons.


Despite the success of our Theocracy — a compendium of autonomous world theocracies— we at General Dynamics hope and expect to maintain failsafe and communications so that law enforcement and firefighters and officials can communicate effectively unlike the tragedies that have occurred before around the world when many were aware of suffering of citizenry especial masons and did little to facilitate true caring life emergency saving programs.

It was not in their best interest to save lives but to take them for their democracy —a religious form of government— and their system of magical slavery that required bodies for human sacrifice by abduction or by human trafficking.   Geneocide and Ethnic cleansing just as bad but a whole different strategy for eradicating human life and not to forget he bombings authorized by Masons and carried out by the military in past.  See my writings at JCANGELCAFT concerning the need for planning in the event of emergencies God forbid we go through this for another ten thousand years at least.


http://jcangelcraft.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/know-thyself-zen-harmony-and-the-art-of-living-chapter-32/Have a Good Afternoon

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